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Proud Democrat, Proud Steve Rowe supporter

December 16, 2009

Although I have not technically registered to vote yet in Maine, I have decided on registering as a member of the Democratic Party. With this decision comes a tinge of remorse, largely because my self-conceived party affiliation prior to today has transitioned from Democratic (prior to age 15), to Green / Green Independent (age 15-16), to Independent (age 17).

However, I have been enlightened by a few things since those days:

  • With no discredit to the ideals of Green Independents, with which I largely agree, the party has been relatively ineffectual on the local level here in Portland (and on the national scene). In contrast, the Democrats have provided stable leadership in Portland and on the national level (although I do not, by any means, agree with every Democrat’s decisions- it is a large party, made up of a wide array of political ideals ranging from Barbara Boxer to Ben Nelson).
  • While phonebanking with the No on 1 Campaign this summer, it irked me how many people are registered as Independents. I would like to have a party affiliation- I want people to know that I lean liberally, as the title of a Democrat represents.
  • The Maine Democrats do a great job at integrating the Democratic leadership in our state within the community. Furthermore, our Democratic representatives are accessible, friendly, and genuine. I want to be associated with a party that conducts itself as professionally as the Maine Democrats do.

More than anything, I have realized that party affiliation will never, in any way, determine how I vote or how I perceive an issue. My political beliefs are rooted in my strong moral conscious and values, and these will never leave me, regardless of how I identify politically. I will never vote straight down the party line, and am not scared to vote for someone who is not a Democrat, or to vote contrary to the stance taken by Democrats. But, I affiliate myself with the Democrats because in general, I agree with the stances and actions of Democratic politicians.

It is also with great excitement that I officially endorse Steve Rowe for Maine’s next governor. The number of candidates in the race is vast, and it was challenging for me to wade through the stances of each candidate (but, I did). Steve not only shares the vast majority of views that I hold, but he has experience to back up his views. As a highly successful Attorney General for Maine, Steve has the knowledge and capability to get Maine to a better place. Some candidates may share his views, but his experience is unmatched by other Democrats, Greens, or Independents. I hope to volunteer with Rowe’s campaign and wish him the best of luck in the election. I would like to extend my best wishes to candidates Rosa Scarcelli, Libby Mitchell, Lynne Williams, and Dawn Hill, all of whom I wouldn’t mind seeing occupy Blaine House if Rowe loses his bid.


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