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Two weeks.

October 19, 2010

As originally seen on the HPRgument.President Obama and Deval Patrick

Massachusetts voters will, in fourteen days, express their satisfaction, or lack thereof, with the state’s leadership over the past four years. In a state where Democrats have learned no elections can be taken for granted, especially during the current tumultuous political climate, incumbent governor Deval Patrick ‘78 has conducted a skillful ground game in the final weeks. This past weekend saw President Obama rally for Patrick in Boston, and the Patrick-Murray team has courted hundreds of volunteers in anticipation of a massive get-out-the-vote effort.

It is my greatest hope that these efforts prove to be successful. In a race where both the unenrolled (Tim Cahill) and Republican (Charlie Baker ‘79) candidates have seen their campaigns mired in scandal, Governor Patrick’s campaign has maintained a laudable level of decorum. Furthermore, Governor Patrick has demonstrated his commitment to the people of the Commonwealth throughout his tenure by implementing policies, and advocating for changes, that have had positive effects on the states of education, the economy, and social justice in Massachusetts.

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