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98 hours, 56 minutes…

October 29, 2010

Ed Suslovic for City Council

Since late March, I have served as the campaign manager of the Ed Suslovic for Portland City Council, District 3 campaign. The experience has been incredibly rewarding, and a truly unique opportunity. In four days, the final ballots will be cast and I’ll learn if months of hard work has paid off.

This blog post, as you’ve probably already realized, is a bit different from a normal post. Instead of writing about a political issue to which I am a bystander, this post contains a great deal of personal relevance.

There will be time following November 2 for reflection and analysis of the campaign we have run. Right now, however, my focus is on winning. Ed, a former City Councilor, mayor, and state legislator, is exactly what Portland’s District 3 needs in this time of political tumult. Times are rough, people are down on their luck, and a strong, experienced representative is needed for District 3.

Ed has lengthy plans to better the education in Portland Schools, balance the budget and establish fiscal responsibility, and increase our city’s energy efficiency and overall sustainability. What’s more, Ed has been working on all of these issues for over a decade. And, unlike other politicians, Ed is willing to work with anyone, regardless of party affiliation, to develop a solution. Ed, a Democrat, knows that the substance of an idea is more important than the political party with which it might be linked.

This doesn’t always make Ed popular. But it makes him truly independent, and the perfect voice for the people. He doesn’t cater to special interests, he doesn’t cater to political parties, he caters to the people.

I am under no illusion that this election won’t be close. Although Ed and I have confidence that he’ll be the victor on November 3, we need your help. If you live in District 3, please consider voting for Ed. If you know voters in District 3, please tell them why they should vote for Ed. If you want to help get Ed’s message out, please consider making a nominal donation on our website. You’d be surprised how well we can spend five dollars.

For the sake of Portland and its residents, please vote for Ed Suslovic for Portland City Council, District 3, on November 2.

Questions for me? Email me at:

Questions for Ed? Email him directly at

For recent press clippings, check out our website.

Thanks everyone – and please pass this post around to anyone and everyone!

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  1. bill permalink
    October 30, 2010 7:53 pm

    I don’t live in Portland, nor have I met Ed Suslovic, but I know Simon Thompson.
    Simon is a straightforward, loyal and high energy ally with a unique quality of understanding peoples qualities. So, it must have been a natural for Mr. Suslovic
    to select Simon as his campaign manager. On that basis along, if I could I would cast my ballot for Mr. Suslovic.
    I commend Mr. Suslovic and Simon for running an informative “non-negative” campaign and would expect nothing less for its manager. Not once have I read anywhere the constant negativity we hear in today’s political arena.. What a breath of fresh air in these times! I have not been able to contribute to this campaign except for my continuing prayers for Simon’s successes.
    This type of campaign, with its positive, honest approach I hope will be a constant throughout Simon’s own political career.
    Best wishes on Tuesday for the both of you.

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